About Bradley Bemis

When we encounter a new spiritual teacher, we often take an interest in who that teacher is, where they’ve come from, and what shaped their teachings. We want to know more about them and how they live their lives so we can decide whether or not we should trust what they have to say. We examine their behaviors and their teachings through the filters of our own existing belief systems, identifying with the things that we agree with and disregarding the things that we don’t; judging everything about them – who they are, what they do, and what they say; all through the filter of our own conditioning.

In reality though, a true teacher is like a mirror in which we see ourselves reflected. If we like what we see, then we pat ourselves on the back and invite the teacher into our lives. If we don’t like what we see, then we blame the teacher for our misgivings and move onto whatever’s next. This is all well and good for those who prefer a more casual spiritual path – those who are seeking comfort within the illusion. But for those who are seeking the Truth; those who aspire, above all else, to find the Truth within themselves, all such notions of what ‘teachers’ and ‘teachings’ are must be set aside.

A true teacher does not tell you what you want to hear – they speak past your egoic conception of self, directly into the presence of being that animates your very existence. They tell you what you need to hear – pushing you beyond your comfort zone, forcing you to confront yourself at every level. Indeed, a true teacher will treat you with tremendous compassion, but will give no quarter to your ego, because the true teacher knows who and what you are at the core of your being and wants you to experience it for yourself.  In all truth, the true teacher isn’t even really a teacher – just an empty vessel acting as a guide.

There is but one teacher – The Teacher. This Teacher manifests in many forms – in all forms, and in all that is formless. All of life is teaching us – in every moment. We just need to be paying attention in order to realize the fullness of this Truth. Sometimes, the voice of this Teacher will express itself through a human being that is in full surrender to the Truth, and has, by grace alone, become that Truth. But it is not the person that speaks… for there is no person. There is no separate, independent self that exists as anything more than a movement within a greater harmony of motion. There is only The Self.

There is no ’I’ thinking, there is just thinking occurring. There is no ‘I’ speaking, there is just speaking occurring. There is no ‘I’ taking actions, there are just actions occurring. What occurs is independent of self, because the self is only a concept that exists in thought, and thought itself is illusory. There is no self, or rather, there is only The Self, and it contains everything. Who a true teacher may appear to be is of absolutely no consequence because there is no one left who can lay claim to the identity that was left behind when that being began experiencing life from the perspective of the absolute, The Self.

So when you clicked on this link to learn more about who Bradley Bemis is, the basic underlying point being made here is that there is no Bradley Bemis. There is just the presence of being, made manifest in form, through an expression of consciousness, which has been identified and labeled as Bradley Bemis. But this ‘person’, this ‘teacher’, does not really exist as anything more than a guide. The one you would point to and call ‘Bradley’ is nothing more than a reminder – a voice from within that is revealing to you who and what you truly are – if you have eyes that see and ears that hear. If you are ready…

You are free to see this ‘person’ in whatever light you prefer… Free to tell yourself whatever stories you like. Free to embrace what is being shared here, or to dismiss it entirely. It is all up to you. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter – everything is always exactly as it should be. The entire universe is in harmony with itself, and there is no need to ‘do’ anything at all. You are already perfect just as you are – a divine expression of consciousness playing your part in the timeless unfolding of things. This is true whether playing your part consciously or unconsciously – and this is what ‘Bradley’ ‘teaches’.

With all this said, if you’d still like to know more about the one called Bradley you can click here and read his short biography. Just know that who Bradley appears to be changes from one moment to the next. There is nothing to grasp at as a ‘person’; nothing to hold onto. There is just the movement of things. Sometimes this movement is playful. Sometimes it is somber. Sometimes it smiles with you. Sometimes it makes you cry. Sometimes it holds you and sometimes it pushes you away. But whatever the movement is, it is always in the direction of you realizing your highest self, your true self – The Self.