About Bradley’s Story

“The Buddha from Bermuda”

Bradley is a deeply realized spiritual being who writes about, speaks on, and guides others towards “The Inner Science of Self Realization”; a modernized encapsulation of an ancient truth, presented without the trappings of misguided religious belief systems, culturally-inspired spiritual traditions, or confusing metaphysical theories. It is the truth of our being, stripped down and laid bare for all to see through direct experiential realization – if they so choose.

Born in Bermuda in 1972, to a U.S. military family stationed abroad, Bradley spent his childhood years being raised in the Catholic faith.  He had a deep interest in Christian religious studies, and even thought about becoming a priest at one point.  Eventually he became disenchanted and disillusioned by the lack of continuity, consistency, and logic being presented through biblical theology and distanced himself from the religious doctrines of the church.

Later, after joining the U.S. Air Force, he set aside all notions of God entirely and became an atheist, devoting himself instead to the study of scientific pursuits relating to the nature of the mind and the fabric of the cosmos.  This line of inquiry continued into his civilian life after he left the military in 2000.  Moving to Seattle WA, he began working with Fortune 500 companies as an information security consultant, eventually starting his own security consulting firm.

In 2004, he became familiar with Buddhism and began to practice Vipassana meditation in the Therevada tradition.  Since leaving the military, Bradley had been encountering deep emotional turmoil within himself and in his dealing with others, so the teachings of the Buddha became his refuge.  Still an atheist, he basically became a philosophical Buddhist – but did not find the peace that he was looking for.  Things remained grim despite his efforts, so he eventually gave up on Buddhism as well.

In August of 2014, Bradley began to experience a serious shift in perception that was necessitated by recognizing he was caught in the grips of pathological narcissism.  He had finally discovered the root of his suffering within himself and began searching for a way out.  He began to document his search ‘for a more authentic me’ on his website thehealingnarcissist.com.  Over the course of August and September, he had a number of clarifying experiences that helped chip away the false self he had created.

In October of 2014 Bradley experienced a deep and profound spiritual awakening that left him in a state of love and wisdom that continued to deepen and deepen.  Over the course of the next six months, he went through a series of mystical experiences and openings into higher consciousness that exposed him to the true nature of all things and left him in a state of surrender and gratitude.  Moving into and beyond all traditional notions of ‘enlightenment’, Bradley was reborn as an expression of divine grace.

In March of 2015 he sold most of his possessions and became a homeless aesthetic in the tradition of Jesus, the Buddha, and many other awakened beings.  For two and a half months he lived on the streets of Seattle freely sharing the secrets of enlightenment with all who were interested.  This period of voluntary homelessness and spiritual growth was captured on his second blog, homelessontheave.com. After a series of new and ever-deepening realizations, Bradley found himself leaving Seattle and moving to Melbourne Florida to start over again.

Once in Florida, Bradley began to rebuild a new life in accordance with the awakened understanding of truth that arises from self-realization.  He continued his own inner work while formulating his teachings, and began giving public talks and lectures on the nature of awakening, enlightenment, and transcendence.  This work continues today and is currently being captured at his spiritual teachings website awakeningintolife.com.  Here, Bradley invites you into his direct expression of the truth and offers himself as a resource to facilitate your own awakening into higher consciousness.

You can learn more about Bradley and visit his other blogs and websites through his central web presence located at bradleybemis.com.

We also invite you to connect with Bradley on Facebook, where he makes regular posts to his public page.

Namaste, God Bless, and Take Care…

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